How are you ?

Here's an update about my latest trips.

Two weeks ago I was in Spain for a team contest in La Molina. The battle was France VS Spain. My team was: Sylvain Bourbousson, Remi Lamazouere, Julien Bourguignon, Charly Legay, Alex Kasmareck and Jone Ferraillou. The park was really fun to ride and we won, so Champagne!!!

Straight after I was in Val D'Isere for the big day out. We got lots of snow during the week, ride pillow & some deep powder... The contest was cool too, but not so easy with all the snow and the conditions, thanks to Gumby and Youbi. They cancelled the final, due to the bad conditions.

This weekend I was in my Ski resort Les Resort for "THE LA SESSION". All my psykopit friends was around, for ride the park and the resort. And for sure make a big party after...

Right now I'm at home, waiting for some sunny days.

Keep you posted, Pacome