I felt like I was watching robots from the future. The vibe after the contest was awesome because nobody got hurt, and the party tigers came out. It’s amazing how tough these riders are to fall out of the sky from a double back, double cork, or 1260 and not get injured. Then have the energy to rage all night.

I brought some speakers with me so we could have a pre-party in the room, but when I plugged them in to the wall they worked for five seconds, smoked, then blew up. I got angry and did a flying jump stomp to break them. Ironically, the speakers didn’t break but my ankle did.

I had a sexy young blonde nurse at the hospital. She made me take my pants off to put a cast on my foot. She held my foot against her chest, and rubbed the cast material on my leg for 20 minutes. It was the most action I’ve seen in weeks. Inevitably I got a raging boner that wouldn’t go away no matter what I thought of. I tried baseball, old naked dudes, catching an edge. Ultimately, thinking of the painful ankle injury itself was the only solution. The doctor walked in unexpectedly and started laughing at my obvious predicament. He mumbled something to the nurse in German and quickly left. In the end I asked for pain killers (the only fun part about an injury). Unfortunately, they gave me some ibuprofen and two canes like Jimmy has on southpark, and sent me on my gimpy way.