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Back to Rainbow Mountain

After one day break, we decide to go back to rainbow mountain. There was a reshape of the mountain in form of 50cm or more on top of 3 to 4 meters base, so windlibs, ciffs and pillows took new shape. On our way to rainbow mountain the heavy snowfall continued through out the whole morning. Outdoor Adventures Snowmobile supported us with the sleds and our guide was again Steven Tulk.

Catboarding at Triconi Mountain

The crew are now nearing the end of their road trip, we catch up with them as they go catboarding in Triconi Mountain for some backcoutry powder shredding in deepest, darkest BC....

Sledding at Rainbow Mountain

The whole crew woke up early and motivated this day, ready to go sledding at Rainbow Mt. with our guide Steve Tulk from Outdoor Adventures Snowmobiles and Zimtstern rider Jeff Pepperdine.


What a mission! We arrived late at night in Whistler, ready to check out the resort about 5 hours later. With a base of about 3m the crew was motivated from tip to toe,but unfortunately the quality of the snow was crap. The days before it was raining quite heavy even up to the summit, leaving us a bulletproof mountain...

Shredding Mt. Seymour

The Zimtstern bus has docked in at Mt. Seymour this week and bring us this report...

Way to Vancouver

After two days in Baker we decided to go to Vancouver because of heavy rain on the final day of the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. We picked up Patrick Armbruster from Absinte Films and travelled on to Vancouver. The first session there was a nightshred at Grouse Mountain with Endevaour with pros Paavo Tikkanen and Johnny Lyall. Due to the bad weather it was impossible to hit the jumps so we hit the rails.

Mt. Baker!

Here we are at the legendary Mt.Baker Banked Slalom. Surprised by good weather we went up the mountain quite early to check out the guys riding the slalom. Since we came in too late for inscription the night before we were not able to participate ourselves. But we met lots of friends that competed in the event, like Wolle Nyvelt, Eric Themel, Martin Cernik, DCP, Pat McCarthy, Terje and many more.

Mt. Baker, here we come

Yeahh, now we are in Seattle. We got a room at motel 6, grabbed some delicious food at Dennys and fell to bed. Ahh, a bed, what a luxury.

Arrived in the US and A

We are lookin forward to shred Mt. Baker tomorrow. YESSS

Euro Snow Searchers

We are a bunch of snow hungry shredheads from Austria and France. Sick and tired of the conditions in good ol´europe, we hooked up for a road trip to north america the next two weeks. Our crew consists of Martin 'Rasi' Rasinger, Lukas Draxler, Laurent 'General' Gougain, Johannes Peter, Wolfgang Weiskopf and Andreas Amplatz.


A core crew of six people (3 riders, 2 filmers, 1 photographer) are heading out for a 2 ½ week road trip, starting out in Seattle.