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'Elektro' out now!

It's official! ELEKTRO from Alterna Films is out in stores and available for digital HD download right now!


Camp of Champions had their first on-snow day today

Berlin via Kempen - back in Europe!

After a couple of really fun last days in Whistler with perfect sunshine and summer temperatures, I headed out over the Atlantic.

No beer on weekends

I love beer. But it really fills me up and I have to drink a lot of it to get really drunk but then I feel really full and lazy which it's not as fun. Therefore, I have enacted a personal "No Beer On Weekends" - Policy a couple years ago. I disobey it at times, but I try to stick with it as much as I can. Which sometimes ends up a little nasty...


Since the Grouse Mountain Session two weeks ago, filming has slowed down a whole lot.

Alterna Movie finally has a name

It will be called ELEKTRO

Backcountry Blog

I know it's been a while. No internet in the backcountry and my fingers are too tired at night to be typing.


Imagine this: skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding all in ONE day...sounds like a dream right?

Backcountry fun in Whistler

We had another interesting day in the backcountry...

Watch me on TV!

Watch the Daily Habit on Wednesday!

Filming for Alterna!

I'm filming with Alterna Action Films now!

Recovered vehicles and sunny pow days

Life is full of ups and downs. After being devastated about the loss of my truck and sled, I am now the happiest girl in the valley...

Great news!

There is some GREAT NEWS!!!!

So high and so low

The ups and downs of the life of a snowboarder

Whistler Wonderland

Tons of snow BC


I am now riding on NITRO Snowboards!!!


It has been quite some time since my last post. Must have been summer.... lots happened though - read it here!

Supergirl Jam

This weekend I went to Huntington Beach to compete in the Supergirl Jam...

End of camp of champions

I can't believe the full month of Camp of Champions is already over, but that's how it always goes when you are having the time of your life, right?!