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Heads Up from the Gadge.

So, yeh, me blogering thingy mijingy (that's not english i know but, hey, neither am I)

Hello Again!

Sorry not done an update for a while been busy traveling and seeing family back home in scotland.

Kiwi side and loving it

well here I am, down under again and staying with kiwi ripper Roly Morley-Brown riding at Snowpark

TTR Contest in Norway

Right now I am up in Hemsedal, Norway for a TTR contest and trip with Scott Mcmorris, Jenny Jones, Tamsin and Nat Mayer. It's been great nice weather, good course and nice people.

It's been a funny old month...

Hey onboard mag hows it going, sorry its been so long since my last blog, been busy traveling looking for snow and at a few contests. So i had a week in laax at the BEO this was great fun and the course was so good but bad luck for me - My binding broke because i over shot the kicker in my first heat of qualifying ......bummer.

Burton World Tour Party

I was first at the Burton world tour party in London which was totally ace - the video was unreal and the party was sick!

Show Offs

I have been back home for three weeks since my visit to Oz/NZ that ended with me busting my elbow so I have been working hard to get strong for the season.

I have been working hard on my arm after my slam

the doc put me in a cast for a week and I have just done 2 weeks' physio which has been painfull but it's getting better everyday. Check the pic, it was taken after my cast was taken off.

my name is Gary Greenshields i am 26 and from Edinburgh Scotland.

I love snowboarding and will keep you posted on my travels for the next season with this blog.