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Swatch & TTR Design Contest

Get creative and win fame & glory of being the new TTR tour trophy and watch designer PLUS a trip to New York!

Jamie Anderson wins inaugural Roxy Snow Pro

Followed closely by Dutch slayer Cheryl Maas and UK rising star Aimee Fuller

Pirates Log # 3 - Cooke City!

Tyler Chorlton, Marco Feichtner and Stian Solberg shredding some sweet pow on the other side of the pond while the Eurolands were barren...

Watch 1st part of new True Color Film: Snow Cones & Cotton Candy

The Austrian movie crew around Lisa Filzmoser, Alvaro Vogel and Rene Schnöller is back for another season of epic shred footage and here we go with the first part, Snow Cones & Cotton Candy!

Further Unplugged in Japan

Jeremy Jones, Josh Dirksen and Forrest Shearer shred sweet powder in Japan, that's almost taking its toll...

Win a riding day with Marc Swoboda

Anyone owning or buying the Swindel Marc Swoboda Pro One off 52 or any other Nitro stick can now register online to win one of 40 exclusive prize packages!

Win gear for Moreboards Stubai Premiere!

With the Moreboards Stubai Premiere, which is going down from October 21st-23rd, another Tyrolean glacier is opening it's doors - and park - for the shred eager, and to make sure you have all you need to inaugurate the season, here's some gear for you to win!

Rip Curl wants you to Gum Your Face

Win yourself some brandspanking new outerwear by chewing gum and looking funny

Win a brand new Völkl set up

Get your mitts on a brand new Vice SQD board and a pair of Fastech bindings

Onboard presents Videograss Movie Tour

Winter lurks around the corner and that can only mean one thing: premier time!

Watch second part of Nike's Vapen Session

The second part of Norwegian Vapen Session has just dropped, with the Nike team riders being stoked they finally have good weather.

The Art of Flight has dropped!

Get the full movie from the itunes store now if you can't wait for the premiere on the big screen

Watch 'Dingbat' full movie!

Yes, you read right: the day has finally arrived where we stop teasing you with trailers and actually show you proper movies!

Torstein's Bounce Club

Monday mornings are never greatest time, but a bit of Torstein Horgmo's shred magic can take the monday blues away easily

Art Of Flight premier tour

After 2 long years of waiting, wondering about rumours and watching teaser, it's finally here: the dates of the premier of Travis Rice and Brain Farms long expected new movie The Art of Flight!

The real Rome 11/12 collection

Dedicated readers and committed Rome fans might have furrowed their brows at the men's outerwear from Rome that we presented in this year's Product Guide. If you were among them, well done! As that we're images from the 2010/11 season, that some little evil interweb imp sneaked onto our pages.

NZ Open coming up

While we're still trying to find out where Summer has hidden this year, the snowboard contest circuit is already about to recommence with the Burton NZ Open in the Cardrona Alpine Resort from August 9-13th.

Outdoor Extreme at Hemel

Perfectly in line with the weather these days, the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead is holding the Outdoor Extreme this Sunday, July 31st.

Arnette 'All Eyes On Me' concluded

Arnette welcomes five new shred talents to their Euro rookie team

Peepshow's PMS Episode 4: Road Kill

Okay, we've talked a lot about how gnarly the Peep Show girls are and how they rip way harder than you but this is another level of gnarliness. And stupidness too a bit we'd say.