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WTF?! First Ever 'Christ Flip' by Daniel Moesl

WTF?! First Ever 'Christ Flip' by Daniel Moesl

Some nutter in Austria (Daniel Moesl) has chucked a crazy looking new trick that he’s dubbing the ‘Christ Flip’. 

If you can get past the fact that this video has been put together to push some wristband that supposedly gives you superpowers, this trick is actually pretty crazy. Can you imagine locking your body in that position whilst going upside down and spinning a 1080? We can’t either.

It’s definitely not the nicest looking trick we’ve ever seen and the commentary is pretty amusing/downright weird (we’re not totally convinced that ‘all girls will get instant orgasms’ when they see a Christ Flip…) but props to Daniel Moesl for doing something on a snowboard that we’ve never seen before.

What do you make of this trick? Sick, or the lamest looking thing you’ve ever seen? Drop your two cents via the comments section below!

  1. john

    ‘stomped’ is perhaps used incorrectly here. looks like he under-rotated the spin, and over-rotated the flip to land way backseat. Pretty cool though, single cork 10s are far too rare in snowboarding.

    1. Sam Oetiker

      Yeah, we just noticed that actually – it’s definitely way backseat coming into land. Crazy looking trick though eh?

  2. Thomas

    this is so crazy! creative and awesome trick. big up Dani!

  3. champ

    i know dani! he stomps such backseat landings! just look up his other videos… he wouldnt claim it if he didnt land it!

  4. champ

    or ask shaun white! he was there when daniel did it!

  5. champ

    also ONBOARD: thanks for covering this trick! nice move to help an underdog!

  6. rob

    No way he landed that

  7. amie

    Well I was there, and I saw he landed it!!! This trick looks just awesome!!! never seen this before!! Sick dani!

  8. Eli Andrews

    Wack style

  9. gay

    I have to say that was gay. Is this ski aerial practice for the Olympics?

  10. Nomad1

    No, cant get over that its selling some wristband that is obviously bullshit.

  11. Sascha

    If we are talking about new snowboard tricks, watch the “Superman 720″ at 4:18 in this movie from Michi.

  12. Bilbil

    The two first spins are great, the last one is not necessary, he should keep his arms straight til the end of the trick. Which is great finally.

  13. Bilbil

    For connoisseurs, it looks like ingmar backman’s shifty in the japan part of Pop

  14. Steezy C

    LOL NO GRAB 1080 FLIP….WEAK!!!


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