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WTF? – Woodward Tahoe Fridays – Episode 2

WTF? – Woodward Tahoe Fridays – Episode 2

Matěj Kurzweil Matěj Kurzweil

Daaamn! Woodward Tahoe looks so much fun right now! We gotta say the local crew has been doing a great job taking care of the park!

‘Some of the heaviest riding that we have seen at Boreal and Woodward Tahoe thus far. It’s a long one, so wait for the homies, let it load, and enjoy.’ – WTF Crew

Riders: Ryland West, John Murphy, Jasper Tripp, Colin Lucier, Max Tokunaga, Luke Haddock, Matty Britton, Erik Leon, Chad Blau and more.

Watch more WTF here!


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