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Weekly of Weird - Strangely Entertaining Web Series from Japan

12:17 23rd January 2014 by Mike Brindley

If Signal’s Every Third Thursday had a lovechild with a strange Japanese TV show – this is pretty much exactly what we imagine would happen…

As the name suggests – it’s definitely one of the weirdest snowboard related things we’ve seen on the internet – but you’ve got to love it. We’ve had a little browse through some of their other vids and so far we’ve seen them create a spinning jib plate, flip over their friend who’s breathing fire, take a guitar (and amp) down the slopes and pretty much just do whatever they feel. They’ve definitely taken Gnu’s mantra to heart…

If you find yourself a bit confused, but wanting more, be sure to check out Keijiro Kasahara’s youtube channel, pure madness…


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