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Norwegians Shredding Kids Playground In Lillehammer

Aight, so we got this video from Simen Røisehagen that we know nothing about except for: it’s featuring Brage Richenberg and some homies, there are children huts, it’s shot somewhere in Lillehammer area, and it’s got a weird fuckin’ name (Lazerkitteh Kassettbænd vol.1).

However, the important thing is that it’s got cool snowboarding in it. Boys just took their boards and went for a fun shred somewhere that looks like a children’s playground. But as long as the guys have fun we don’t give a rat’s ass where they ride! The video is featuring Brage Richenberg, Sindre Kåseth, Simen Røisehagen, Stian Molstad, Morten Sandvik and Alexander Klerud.

In case you haven’t seen Brage’s Top to Bottom from Laax go watch it now!