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Jake Blauvelt’s Naturally Episode 4: The Mountains

In the fourth episode in the Naturally webisode series, Jake Blauvelt reflects on the importance of the mountains in snowboarding. Pow, pow and more pow… 

It’s a pretty obvious observation to make but without the mountains, we wouldn’t have snowboarding. In episode 4 of Naturally – the web series that dissects the various stages of Jake’s epic full movie of the same name, the crew head out into the backcountry and get amongst it. Jake and Kazu send it, John Jackson goes 100ft onto a tree and Terje is… well, just Terje.

There’s some interesting chat from Jake on snowboarding’s oldest trick – the turn, and how it is being increasingly overlooked these days and of course, there’s so much powder that you could very well end up tearing your hair out with envy…

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