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High Cascade 2014 Session 4 Recap

High Cascade 2014 Session 4 Recap

Yalda Walter Yalda Walter

High Cascade just dropped the official edit of session #4 and although the weather looked a bit shit at times, it’s nothing short of fun snowboarding. 

Sharp weapons seem to be a recurrent theme in this edit as Spencer Schubert decides to chop his board a bit.

Also, be sure to watch out for the ginormous marshmallow on the loose, it’s got an axe..

Featuring: Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Ralph Kucharek, Shane Ruprecht, Nils Mindich, Will Lavigne, Christian Hobush, Oliver Dixon, Gus Warbington, Brett Wilkinson, Craig Cameron, Tommy Gesme, and Frank April


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