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(Fri)Days at Fonna 2014 #1

Len Jørgensen, Jonas Steen, Eirik Nesse, Marius Smith and Even Brekke open up the first Fridays at Fonna episode of 2014. Norwegian glacier summer snowboarding at its absolute best!

Seeing as this series has always been called Fridays at Fonna, we thought it’d make sense to wait until Friday to post this one. Actually that’s a lie – we were on holiday when we first spotted this one yesterday…

Still, better late than never and the first Fridays at Fonna of the summer has some super fun stuntboarding in it from RK1 stalwart Len Jorgensen, Eirik Nesse and his 80s snowboard instructor look and Bataleon bossman Jonas Steen. We could watch these all day every day, so keep ’em coming!

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