Eero Ettala Takes One of the Heaviest Slams of His Life | Slam Of The Week

Eero Ettala taking a super heavy slam while filming in the streets for Cooking With Gas.

Eero Ettala is a professional snowboarder in every sense of the word and his attitude, skill level and motivation are almost second to none when it comes to snowboarding.

That said, even professionals make mistakes from time to time and earlier this year while shooting for the next season of Cooking With Gas, Eero took one of his heaviest slams ever. In his words:

Thank god i’m fine… took one of the heaviest slams of my life yesterday!

Catching your heel edge while sliding backwards is never fun, let alone when you’re 10 feet off the ground, and it’s safe to say that Eero got pretty damn lucky with this one. This slam could have gone much, much worse. Keep killing it Eero!

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