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Arbor Snowboards 'Parallel Parking' Ep. 2 - Bear Mountain

Arbor Snowboards 'Parallel Parking' Ep. 2 - Bear Mountain

Matěj Kurzweil Matěj Kurzweil

Most riders from the Arbor team consider Bear Mountain their home resort and they ride it that way. There is only a little chance you could have more fun than they do.

No doubt the Arbor team takes advantage of Bear’s litany of rails, jumps, and other creative builds and in this instalment of Arbor ‘Parallel Parking’, Scotty Vine, Ian Sams, Mariah Dugan, Mike Gray, Erik Leon, and Sean Black showcase the spoils of their time spent lapping at Bear. Since Arbor Team includes some of the most creative riders out there, this edit is super fun to watch!


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