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Absinthe Flipside Episode 6 – Blair Habenicht, Mathieu Crepel, Jason Robinson Hit Big Lines in New Haineswick, Yukon

In the latest episode of Absinthe Films’ popular behind the scenes series Flipside,¬†Blair Habenicht, Bode Merrill, Jason Robinson, Mathieu Crepel, Manuel Diaz, Victor de le Rue hit up a largely unexplored zone in the most North Westerly tip of Canada.¬†

There has to be something deeply satisfying about flying out to and snowboarding lines that no other rider has ever attempted. In this episode of Absinthe’s Flipside, a crew featuring some of the most accomplished freeriders, travel deep into the Yukon to shred a heavy face.

Watch Manuel Diaz take a pretty terrifing looking tumble before Blair Habenicht shuts the face down – and on his birthday no less. And although this type of riding is perhaps a little less universally appealing as dudes sending it off cheese-wedge booters, we can assure you that it’s every bit as gnarly.

Watch the episode above and try picturing yourself in these guys’ shoes!

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