Wataha Video’s SWAG Teaser For a couple of years now Poland has been a breeding ground for exceptional snowboarders. Wataha Video is to them what Isenseven is to Germans: the undisputed number one snowboard movie production crew. Their latest flick “Swag” once again features their best riders plus some of their international homies. Check this palpable teaser from the East!

RIDERS: Wojtek Pawlusiak, Tomek Wolak, Michał Ligocki, Kuba Dytkowski, Radek Cząstkiewicz, Jakub Szkaradek, Kasia Kwiecień, Marcin Kordek, Nikodem Franczak, Jan Wolak, Marc Swoboda, Seppi Love, Roman Kuril, DoDo​#!/​pages/​SWAG-snowboard-movie/​285746001438584

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