Touch the Snow Teaser

Can anyone remember an all-Slovakian snowboard movie? If there has been one, it must be more than just a few years old. Peter Čaja is going to change this: His movie ‘Touch the Snow’ will drop this Fall and will feature some (if not all) of Slovakia’s finest riders:

Martin Dedinský, Peter „Kuko“ Pap, Roman Röth, Maroš „Kriaky“ Petráš, Ľudko Snovák, Milan „Dróty“ Purdeš, Peter Leder, Denis Nguyen, Kveto Slávka, Patrik Paulinyi, Kubo Brziak, Mišo Nehéz, Maťo Blaško, Maťo Dolník, Janko Tatarka, Matej Matys, Maťo Nedorolík, Tomáš Gríger, Igor Macák, Marek Hliničan, Dušan Bízik, Martin Rybanský

And judging from this teaser it is going to be worth your while…