Torstein Horgmo Movie: ‘Horgasm – A Love Story’ Teaser

Internet, bow down. It’s the teaser for Torstein Horgmo‘s 2-year project, freshly dubbed Horgasm – A Love Story. Watch this.

You may have noticed Torstein’s kind of a big deal. So big, in fact, that gas station homies are in awe of his status as a world famous professional snowboarder. This is going to be an in-depth look at the highs, the lows, the pressures and orgasmic releases that make up every damn frickin’ second of Torstein’s existence. That, or it’ll be a bunch of dicking around with some Grade-A shredding cut in by Chopmaster General Tobias ‘Never Say Oh Shit In The Air’ Fr√łystad. Here’s the pee-rizzle…

This documentary follows Torstein during the last 2 years as a world famous professional snowboarder going on about his anything but ordinary life. A unique film made by Tobias Fr√łystad which gives an insight into the highs, lows, victories and defeats of his career.

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