Torstein Horgmo Lands Switch Backside 1440 Triple Cork AND Disses FIS

Not only does Torstein stomp the arse out of a back 14 triple and a switch back 14 triple in this video, he also finds time to tell the FIS to SORT OUT THEIR CRAPPY JUMPS. Necessary.

As far as we’re aware this is only the second documented switch back 14 triple, after Pat Burgener stomped it a while back. Horgmo’s is cleaner, for sure, but we’re also stoked to hear him call out the FIS for their lame kickers at recent events. We heard a fair deal of grumbling about the setup at the recent Olympic qualifier in Quebec (an event that we, unlike some other ‘core’ media, politely declined an invite to) from riders who’d had to ride the course and it seems that Torstein for one has had enough. As he says, “You need more snow in your jumps,” the important factors being pure airtime and smooth landings, not mere length of table. It’s safer for the riders and allows them more scope for progression. Will the FIS take note? What do you think…

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