Time Travel Tuesdays – Terje in The Haakon Faktor

Another classic Terje part – from his second ‘biopic’, The Haakon Faktor – is up in this latest Time Travel Tuesdays, which has time travelled to Wednesday this week. Hey, it’s time travel. It’s an imprecise science. This has stoked us the hell out on an otherwise dull-ass day in the office.

We are well aware of two things: 1) Today is Wednesday, not Tuesday. And 2) We featured Terje already a couple weeks back. We do not care. This is the man Haakonsen in his pomp and showing the world how mountains are supposed to be ridden. We have a sneaking suspicion that Nicolas Müller, Gigi Rüf and Jake Blauvelt may have watched this a couple of times when they were groms…

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