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Time Travel Tuesdays - JP Walker in Technical Difficulties

Time Travel Tuesdays - JP Walker in Technical Difficulties

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

This week the clock is set to the year 2000, with JP Walker’s part in Mack Dawg Productions’ Millenium-themed release, Technical Difficulties. A humdinger, for sure.

Two years after his breakout part in Simple Pleasures, the turn of the century was when JP Walker was one of the most looked-up-to and emulated riders of the time. Though he rightly gets praise for ushering in a new era of jibbing and pushing urban snowboarding to where its at today, it’s worth remembering that, unlike some, JP is no one trick pony – he could (and still can) send it just as hard in the park and backcountry and, as you’ll see in this part, he could even get a couple pipe shots dialled.

If you’ve followed his riding this should come as no surprise. After all, it was Walker who put down the first ever double cork on film in MDP’s Shakedown (it’s the ender), but this part also has some of the heavy downtown jibs (for the time) that you’d associate with JP, hitting up spots regular or switch with equal precision.

Shot almost a full decade before he released snowboarding’s first ever ‘all switch’ movie part in This Video Sucks, JP has had one of the longest, most respected careers in the game. The man’s is a legend.


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