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Time Travel Tuesdays - Jim Rippey in TB4

Time Travel Tuesdays - Jim Rippey in TB4

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Our latest lookback into snowboarding’s glorious past finds Jim Rippey’s part in TB4 in the looking glass. Expect lots of poke, less grabs and the cliff drop backflip that made the movies’ cover…

In the 1990s Jim Rippey‘s riding would regularly polarise opinion. For every person who lapped up his balls-to-the wall charging would be another who decried it as stuntman showmanship. Whatever side of the fence you were on (assuming you were born at the time…) through the amber-hued lens of nostalgia it’s rad to cast your mind back to a time when it seemed grabbing was only occasionally necessary, and when you did you’d better bone that mother HARD.

Look out for the switch back 9 early on, the multitude of syringed spins, and of course the cliff band backie that landed Rippey a shot on the cover…


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