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The Resistance - FULL MOVIE

The Resistance - FULL MOVIE

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Here it is, one of the greatest snowboard movies of all time featuring one of the greatest teams ever assembled: MDP’s The Resistance with the Forum team in their pomp. This legendary slice of shred cinema dropped in 2000 and showacased the Forum team when they were arguably in their prime. Line, Walker, Jones, Malmi, Walsh… it doesn’t get much better than this.

Whatever your opinion is on the brand and it’s recent demise, one thing’s certain: they certainly made some legendary movies in their time. RIP, Forum.

  1. speandodsBion

    Condivido totalmente insieme le idee espresse fino ad oggi. Andate avanti similmente.

  2. Kevin P W

    Thanks for putting this up. The Resistance, True Life, MDP, Wildcats… only brings back good memories for me.


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