From Straight Lines to Triple Corks – Teaser

The World Snowboard Tour and Swatch have got together to produce five free webisodes documenting some of the highlights from the history of competitive snowboarding. They have dusted off and digitized tons of footage from the archives and gathered interviews from some of the sport’s leading names and influencers. If you’re into the rich and sometimes disturbingly colourful history of our sport, this should be right up your alley.

Stay tuned for the first webisode on Friday March 1st!

Episode 1 – Humble Beginnings – Friday 1st, March 
Episode 2 – Comps Get BIG – Friday 8th, March 
Episode 3 – Comps Get Seriously BIG – Friday 15th, March 
Episode 4 – The New Millennium – Friday 22nd, March 
episode 5 – Triple Corks and The Future – Friday 29nd, March


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