burn #RideAgain – Neon Circles trailer

What do you get when you combine some of the sickest snowboarders in the world with energy drinks, some fancy after effects and the Olympics? Stumped? Well take a look at this trailer for a new ‘interactive’ snowboard film from energy drink aficionados burn…

Burn are the official energy drink sponsor of the Sochi 2014 Olympics and to celebrate the fact, are releasing what looks like a pretty rad little project featuring some of their riders, or ‘burn units’ as they’re known.

Although it’s been done before by Knifeshow as well as in a photo ad campaign by Nike a few years back, the whole neon light trails thing ties in nicely with the Olympic ring colours, and all in all, this doesn’t actually look like your usual Olympic cheesefest. And when you’ve got dudes like Stale Sandbech, Sven Thorgren and Arthur Longo representing, you know that at the very least, the snowboarding will be on point.

Burn are claiming there will be some sort of ‘interactive’ element to the movie but we’ll have to wait until its release date on Dec 1st to find out exactly what that entails…

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