Teaser for LOVEOLUTION 3 is Live Austrian duder Seppe Scholler has a rad core brand called LOVE, and this is the teaser for their third movie. It is not your regular skin flick teaser. There is acting…

Usually when a snowboard film teaser drops you kinda know what to expect from the full movie. Not so with this. We have no idea what Lovelution 3 will be like, but we’re betting it will be awesome.

It’ll be available as a free download around Christmas and the premiere will be on 25 October in Vienna. We’re hyped for that.

Starring, and when we say ‘starring’ we mean ‘starring’: Mark Swoboda, Seppe Scholler, Thomas Feuerstein, Markus Keller, Mike Casanova, Gulli Gudmundsson and more…

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