Swag Teaser from Polish Crew Shit Cake Production

Urban action and park hits from this Polish crew with the interesting name. Includes mild wizard shit from Wojtek Pawlusiak & friends, and farty dubstep. Peepit…

We love the Eastern Euros here at Onboard. Poland, Slovakia, Czech… all those countries are rad and the dudes and dudettes we know from there are radder. So we certainly have a little soft spot for ’em and when you figure in that these cats’ trailer not only featured rail wizard Wojtek Pawlusiak but signs off with the words ‘Polish hottest snowboard project ever 😉 Shit Cake Production’, we just had to post it.

Here’s what they say…

“..first meal trailer of SWAG- polish snowboard movie project 2011…season wasn’t easy, we decided to stay focused and get some…featuring Wojtek Pawlusiak, Tomek Wolak, Kuba Dytkowski, Radek Czastkiewicz, Jakub Szkaradek, MichaƂ Ligocki, Kasia KwiecieƄ and friends. ENJOY …and see you on premiere tour.”

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