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Smith's Prospecting Idaho Kicks Off New Season

Smith's Prospecting Idaho Kicks Off New Season

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Smith have been pumping out their Prospecting Idaho web series for a couple of seasons now, but in case you’re out the loop the skinny is thus: they’ve got a secret R&D powder paradise nestled somewhere in Idaho where, throughout the winter, their team of pros visit and ‘assist with product development’. That R&D looks a hell of a lot like stomping the shit out of pow to us.

The first episode of the season starts things off with a fast paced, teaserish edit featuring Smith homies Scotty Lago, Austin Smith, Shayne Pospisil, Scotty Pike, Desiree Meloncon, Kyle Clancy, Wyatt Caldwell, Taylor Carlton and more getting some…


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