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Slay Boredom: Bode Merrill

Slay Boredom: Bode Merrill

In times of summer not many interesting snowboard clips get washed ashore. This behind the scenes edit of Bode Merrill hitting a rail/redirect feature has been posted by every website and their uncle, but it does have a nice vibe to it. Here you go then.

I flew out to Denver, Colorado the day after Christmas to meet up with Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier, Andy Wright, and Gary Milton. Considering how dry this season was, I was happy just to see snow on the ground. A lot of crazy stuff went down this trip—this isn’t one of those crazy things, it’s just a warm up. 
But for me, this is always the best part of the session. 
It’s the moment when you know it’s going to work. 
It’s really exciting. 
For anyone that’s ever built a ramp, rail, or jump—you know the feeling. As soon as you know it’s going to work, your brain goes crazy. You’re thinking of what you know you can do, what you might be able to do, what you want to do—and what you don’t want to do. It’s really fun to watch someone as talented as Bode go through this process. He makes it look really easy and always ends up doing something insane. 
- Tanner Pendleton, Bonfire & Salomon Filmer

Bode Merrill

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