Slams from the Deja Vu Crew

Deja Vu promises to be one of the heaviest movies of next season, but shooting such a flick ain’t all rainbows and unicorns. Don’t believe us? Check out their slam edit, amusingly titled ‘Whoops!’, for a festival of beatdowns that the crew endured through the winter…

You can’t win them all as evidence from Deja Vu Movie’s Frank April, LNP, Louif Paradis and Alex Cantin! Putting together a solid part for any snowboard movie requires throwing yourself off ledges, down rails and into uncertain success. These guys are true professionals and take the good with the bad continually getting back up and giving it another shot. If these slams are any indication of how hard the guys were pushing it out there we can’t wait to see the tricks they land! Bangers!

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