Close-Out Fights Back… | Slam Of The Week

Low light conditions can be pretty hazardous in the park! And we’re not sure if this rider just didn’t see that close-out fencing – or thought that clearing it wouldn’t be a problem…

Either way this didn’t go as planned – and we reckon it’s pretty deserving of our Slam of the Week title (we spent ages thinking up that one…)

Either way, planned or unplanned this kind of thing can be avoided by following the basics –

Don’t get shinned and end up with your feet in the air by following these simple steps:

1) Ride the park when you can see the features – these things will sneak up on you out of nowhere, and they’re not soft and/or cuddly…


2) Don’t get ahead of yourself – if you can’t stay on the flat box every time, don’t assume you’ll be able to clear the obstacle at the end of it, otherwise you’re literally asking to lose your teeth…

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