Random Bastards do Folgefonna

Well how’s that for a title? There’s a point to it, though: Gustav Een fired in this edit of the randomly named Random Bastards crew shooting for their new movie, Tentacle, in Folgefonna. 

Here’s exactly what he said: “Here’s a little “shredit” from a shoot in Folgefonna last month, with for the upcoming Random Bastards movie “Tentacle””

And there’s more…

“We had a bangin’ week in Folgefonna with the Junkyard team this june. The weather was pretty unstable but we ended up having some great days riding after all. 

I pulled out my camera a few times along the week, riders in attendance: Niklas Mattsson, Ludwig Lejkner, Anton Bilare, Even Brekke & Len Jörgensen.

The other footage will be seen in Random Bastards new movie “Tentacle” (Teaser droppin soon) and in a longer Junkyard edit coming soon.”

So we watched it and figuring it’d be one of the rare occasions we could get away with saying look check it out there’s a bunch of random bastards radding off in Folgfonna, we posted it…

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