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Quiksilver Russia 'What Is This?' Teaser

Quiksilver Russia 'What Is This?' Teaser

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Check the teaser for the Russian Quiksilver team’s new project, What Is This? Not only does it feature big hitters like Viktor Temoryev, there’s even a cameo by Johan Olofsson. Johan, for god’s sake!

The first thing we though when this was fire over was “A centre for ants?!” Obscure Zoolander references aside, this looks like it’ll be a good un for sure.

Riders: Viktor Temoryev, Andrei Temoryev, Maxim Balakhovsky, Mikhail Ilyin, Dmitry Koltsov, Osokin Alexander, Konstantin Kokorev, Eugene Ivanov, Artem Sheldovitsky, Johan Olofsson.

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