Product Lowdown – DC MLF Iikka Pro Snowboard

Here’s the skinny on DC’s pro model version of the MLF, the steed that Finnish ripper Iikka Backstrom sends it on all season long…

“My board fucking rips,” is what Iikka has to say about his modified MLF Pro, an old favorite of the DC team. Although to the point, his statement is a little lacking in information so allow us to expand. The MLF Ikka Pro is a regular camber, true twin, all-mountain beast of a board with all the bells and whistles – a sintered Structurn Base is scientifically proven to be faster; Carbon Quadrax fiberglass adds torsional strength and long term durability; and a Radius to Flat shape with flat surfaces at the tip and tail to provide extra lift should you be lucky enough to stumble onto a powder stash.

All these features add up to concoct a responsive, smooth and stable riding stick that is lightweight and hardwearing for a progressive ripper who wants to kill it.

Here’s how well Iikka can make that bad boy sing…