Private Snowboard Crew ‘Greetings From…’ Teaser

The Private Snowboard crew presents you the teaser of their new movie: GREETINGS FROM… As well as the riding of Belelux’s finest, it also has the best teaser tune in the world, ever.

A lot of serious and less serious snowboard action of the Benelux finest riders. Last winter we have been filming all over the globe to find some good snow.

Enjoy this teaser and join us for a good première party on the 22nd of October in Belgium (Antwerpen – Petrol) and on the 4th of November in the Netherlands (Den Haag – Supermarkt).

Finest Benelux Riders: Wouter De Lange, Seppe Smits, Gerben Verweij, Cees Wille, Sebbe De Buck, Kevin Bronckaers, Fre Deroo, Joey Van Essen