Peep Show Girls are Tougher than You Check this video out of the Peep Show girls having bungee issues. After a the generator fails and a couple bungee hits on a goalpost, Desiree Melancon gets broke off but it ain’t no thang…

Seriously, the Peep Show girls are hard as nails. Last year’s movie showed that when it comes to putting it on the line downtown these riders won’t back down in their pursuit of the shot. Ok, so this clip of Desiree Melancon taking a beating on a goalpost jib is not as horrific as the slam Darrah Reid-McLean suffered in Minnesota, but dang you gotta admire her determination. The look on her face when the rest of the crew are considering calling it a night as they check to see if her collarbone’s broken is priceless. “What do you mean? It just totally worked! This is fine, this is nothing…”

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