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Paper Shredder - Awesome Stop-Motion Animation

Paper Shredder - Awesome Stop-Motion Animation

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Sorry, Ultra Natural. This is the best thing we’ve seen all week.

Is it bad to suggest we got more stoked watching stop-motion animation of a paper snowboarder than some of the world’s best sending it off BC gnarl at the Red Bull Ultra Natural? Until we see the proper A-grade footy, cut to music that doesn’t make you want to commit crime, we’re sticking to our guns.

Brothers Paul and Stephen Gemignani created this short from scratch, using action shots of Paul riding (shot by Stephen) that were printed on paper, cut out individually and then used with different backdrops to recreate the shred in their living room. As they say, it’s a “very SLOW process” but the result is, as you’ll see, awesome.

Here’s some numbers:

Pre-Production Hours……………..48

Production Hours………………….152
Post Production (Photos)………..19
Post Production (Editing)………..27

246 Hours

Photos Taken:

Video’s Created:

Creating Something With My Brother:
– Priceless –


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