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Norwegian Skier Fail Remix

Norwegian Skier Fail Remix

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

No, there’s no snowboarding in this but who of us doesn’t enjoy watching overenthusiastic, undertalented skiers getting a good spanking? This dude, Pierre, just won the internet by taking a video of some Norwegian dude trying to kill himself and remixing it to some classic tunes.

This video is, in a nutshell, what the internet was made for. Fu faaaaan!

Pierre himself commented: I did not shoot this. I found it on YouTube (user: TmanAthz123) and wanted to add some tunes to it. Original clip with their description: youtu.be/ugD-qfhSAvE “Sebastian Olsen from Norway jumped on a huge jump for the first time, and he crashed like crazy. Looks like he died. Thankfully, he only broke his leg. Share this Video, this shit deserves to get viral!?”

  1. Pierre

    Stoked this is getting some traffic.


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