Nitro Snowboards ‘Hyped’ Teaser

Check out this fresh teaser for Nitro Snowboards’ goodtime-vibed team movie, Hyped!, featuring all their heavy hitting teasmsters, including Eero Ettala, Markus Keller, Austin Smith, Germund BrĂ¥ten, Cheryl Maas and way more. Aside from the fact that this is way rad, it’s worth watching for Ettala and Eliassen’s re-imagining of William Tell’s decisive moment. Happily they fare better than Hunter S. Thompson did…

Here’s their chatter. Roll on October 22nd…

Nitro snowboards is making a full length team video that breaks away from the standard snowboard movie format and focuses more on what snowboarding is really about. The Hyped! movie will be released October 22nd.

Get ready to see Austin Smith, Eero Ettala, Jon Kooley, Justin Bennee, Bryan Fox, Mark Swoboda, Markus Keller, Knut Eliassen, Anton Gunnarsson, Gjermund Braaten, Cheryl Maas, Benny Urban, Eric Botner, and many more like you have never seen them before.

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