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Nine Frontside 9s from the Burton Team

Nine Frontside 9s from the Burton Team

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Check out a whole bunch of frontside-rotating 900-degree spins from the likes of Mark McMorris, Danny Davis and Jussi Oksanen. 

There really isn’t much to say about this other than, “Here are a bunch of frontside 9s from Mark McMorris, Mikey Rencz, Danny Davis, Marko Grilc, Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollors, Seppe Smits, Roope Tonteri, and Jussi Oksanen.” Even with 1080s and beyond being pretty standard, the frontside 9 is still one of the most technical tricks, can’t spin too fast or too slow… just right. Which one was your favorite?



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