Nike Snowboarding Project – Chapter 3 Bonus Teaser

Watch some bangers from Gigi Rüf’s 8mm camera and get hyped for the final backcountry instalment of the Nike Snowboarding Project, dropping December 11.

The third and final chapter of Nike’s Snowboarding Project is set to drop on December 11, features Gigi Rüf, Danny Kass, Nicolas Müller and Eric Jackson sending it in the backcountry, is produced by Absinthe’s Justin Hostynek, and this bonus edit focussed on stuff shot on Gigi’s 8mm film camera will get you pumped for the full, lo-fi experience…

Here’s the Swoosh chat: For the backcountry chapter, Justin Hostynek and crew took things back to basics. In this bonus video, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf and Danny Kass spend are captured on Super 8 film, and take some time to reflect on the changing landscape of the video world. Stay tuned for the premiere of the full edit on 11.12.12

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