Nike Snowboarding Project – Chapter 2 Bonus

The second installment of Nike’s trilogy of short shred films will drop soon, so to get you hyped for that Brad Kremer-directed park riding spectacular they’ve released this pre-edit bonus that’s mad gay for the Phantom camera and its 1000 fps slow-mo capability. Pretty tasty.

Much like they did with their street-focussed Chapter 1 of The Nike Snowboarding Project, the Swoosh have released a teasy bonus edit to get you frothing for the full edit, which is set to drop November 13. This one, directed by legendary filmmaker Brad Kremer, looks set to focus on park riding and more specifically the madness that went down in the Nike Chosen Sessions‘ opulent features at the tail end of last winter. It also takes full advantage of the Phantom cam’s ridiculous mega slow-mo capabilities and the results are pretty jaw dropping – the riding looks rad but seeing our mate Jamie Nicholls take an egg to the chops is just priceless…