Nike 6.0’s ‘The Chosen’ Teaser No snowboarding, plenty of disco lights and one finely sculpted rad ditch. June 2nd is when you’ll be able to see the Nike 6.0 crew tear this lit up love tube a new one, but this will tickle your interest in the meantime…

Halfpipe snowboarding is rad. There’s no other kind of snowboarding when can you go from gunning it to weightless to gunning it again in such a short space of time. Sadly 9 times out of 10 we only get to peep the guys at the top of their game when their bibbed up and trying to hyperspin onto the podium at contest, but this small, low budget little thing that Nike put on looks set to give us a faceful of awesome contest-free pipe riding from the likes of Peetu Piiroinen, Louie Vito and Mason Aguirre. At 4am. With a lightshow.

June 2nd is when what they’re calling ‘The Chosen‘ will air in full, so tune in then to see the full shebang.

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