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Nicolas Müller - Absinthe Resonance FULL PART

Nicolas Müller - Absinthe Resonance FULL PART

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Watch Nicolas Müller’s hot-shit-no-messing FULL PART from Absinthe Films’ brand new movie, Resonance exclusively right here, right now. This is a heavy, heavy part loaded with awesome backcountry freestyle stuntmanship.

Nico filmed his part for this year’s Absinthe movie exclusively in the expansive terrain of his backyard, where he and the Absinthe crew took full advantage of the epic conditions that graced Laax in January and February. The result is a part that’s heavy on natural terrain freestyle with only a smattering of BC wedges chucked in. And Nico even pulls out a front 10!

Make sure you bag yourself a copy of Absinthe’s Resonance on iTunes.

  1. Mike

    No helmet and most of the time no backpack in the backcountry…. I have lots of respect to Nicolas Müller but that is really not smart and setting a terrible example.

    1. Dado

      Helmet for what? is a cat!!…and he is a Pro with lot lot lot of experience, playing in a terrain that he knows really well, btw helmet and backpack take your freedom away…thats a life style from old school roots!!!!!! peace out Mike ……and thats an EXAMPLE, people think that with all the protection you are more safe…. WRONG, We learned to snowboard with any of them, learn to always land on our feet, and to feel the terrain where to go or where not……..

    2. Philo

      Come on, you are going to question a pro rider and film crew that have been doing this for years? They are not dumb.

      They all wear beacons. They’ll drop off their backpacks either at top or bottom before they come down (straps flying in the wind do not make for good aesthetics).

      I wear a helmet, mostly to keep my goggles on when I biff, but you can not say that it keeps you any safer than without, and the stats prove it out.

      Even with pros wearing helmets, you still see fatalities. Sad, but true.


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