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Near Death - Snowboarder Falls Off Gnarly Cliff - GoPro Footage

Near Death - Snowboarder Falls Off Gnarly Cliff - GoPro Footage

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

In the latest addition to our Near Death files, a French dude peeks over the edge of a cliff, loses his footing, slips, tumbles through a minefield of craggy outcrops and ends by plummeting off a sizeable cliff. It starts out looking pretty bad and proceeds to get worse from there on in. Gut-wrenching. We thought he’d definitely be seriously injured after such a hectic ride – if not even a goner – but, much like the well-documented skier who slipped off a gnarly cliff last season, by the end you see he seems to have miraculously escaped any kind of serious injury. Insane.

And this just in from our French ed, who we asked to tell us what Monsieur Neuf Vies is saying…

In the beginning, when he starts coming down, he says “I’m crapping my pants!” and “I don’t even know how to get back to the resort!” then
“Aaaaahhhhhaaarrrgghhhhhhh!” [we’d already figured that one out…], then “I can’t believe I’m still alive…”

Was the guy super unlucky or just plain reckless?

  1. Outbound rider

    This guy deserves a slap. Riding by himself, no idea of the terrain or his exit points and clearly not a very strong rider as he did not put in turn in the whole 15 min vid. This guy is a prize idiot.

  2. Musashi

    I hope he has the good sense to take a backcountry training course before his next excursion!
    Glad he’s survived and his video may be used to educate others.
    Everything that Outbound Rider says, plus he should scope his lines; learn to read a map and take one with him; notify people where he’s going, etc – could have been stuck on that face until Spring!

  3. thetraveler

    The board is clearly a cheap rental so the guy is probably just a beginner and a tourist. That’s the reason he got into trouble, i.e. not having a clue and that’s also (probably) the reason he survived – he was wearing a helmet, which is what a lot of experienced riders don’t do. GoPro Hero – an ironic name for a camera that’s seen a bunch of shit footage and people being morons. It should be called GoHome Idiot.

  4. Lewis Sweeting

    Yes that face is pretty extreme, but what the fuck is he doing on it? Clearly has no idea what he’s getting himself into.. rental board, icy tracks and about 3 brain cells between the whole group… oh and to whoever rented this prized idiot that board, you may want to take it in for a service. Pure gnarly bail though, props on that


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