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Near Death - Chase Reinford POV

Near Death - Chase Reinford POV

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley

Holy shit – that was gnarly… 

We got sent this one by Chase Reinford via Facebook as a suggestion for ‘fall of the week’ and it’s inspired us to relaunch an old favourite…

While it doesn’t quite fit the criteria for our new Slam of the Week section, it definitely was a close call with the Grim Reaper and reminded us of a few others that we’ve seen in our old Near Death video posts.

Helped heavily by the first person headcam shots – you get a clear view here as Chase takes a hike up some pretty bare looking faces – and then heads back down with disastrous consequences…

There’s one particular blow to the face in there that left us wondering how the hell he managed to send us this vid – and we’ve got to ask man, what was the plan when you dropped in in the first place?

Catch more Near Death classics here.


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