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Mikey Ciccarelli - 14 years old and Killing it

Mikey Ciccarelli - 14 years old and Killing it

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

It’s official: the world’s gone mad. Here’s another ridiculously talented child – Mikey Ciccarelli is 14, no less – with a promo video that’s a) legit and b) talking about how he needs to get double corks?! Ah well, the kid’s got style…

So we’re on that Twitter thing and therefore received some twatting from a Jake Media person saying: “Hey @onboardmag check out Mikey Ciccarelli’s promo! It’s already up on Push.ca and Gnu.com!”

Believe it or not, we get that kind of shit all the time – usually the clip is like some nipper filmed by his moms on a camerphone riding like a plastic bunny rabbit from Japan. But, whatever. Being as we like nothing more than putting stuff up after push.ca and gnu.com, or than young boys putting themselves around on the internet for that matter, we took a look and, dang, the kid rips. We cannot believe kids like this are making the likes of Jamie Nicholls, Mark McMorris and Ståle Sandbech look old now…


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