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Maxence Parrot Slays the Maximise Setup

Maxence Parrot Slays the Maximise Setup

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Max Parrot puts down a bunch of stunts on a backyard jib setup that are so sick he could very well have caught bird flu. If you like tech park jibbing you’ll love this…

It’s not just Denis Leontyev who owns the right to produce super tech jib edits on small park rails. Max Parrot weighs in with a raw yet heavy clip from some backyard rope tow dubbed the Maximise.

With his fast toe rope, you can do 3 laps every minutes at Maximise. Maxence got this filmed in 3 hours of fast lapping. Maximise will be open again next year with a 30 foot jumps beside the toe rope. It is located close to St-Sauveur, contact Max Henault on facebook for more info.

Filmed by: Will Gignac


  1. Baker

    This dude shreds, but the camera man fuckin’ sucks, swinging that camera about like its a god dam yoyo, nearly missed all the hella tech because I wanted no more shitty camera work.

    f/s 3 on b/s 3 off is fuckin’ gnarly though


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