Last Call 2014 – Edit and Results from the East Coast

While people the world over were getting boozy on St Patricks day this week – over at Loon Mountain a bunch of snowboarders got together and had a pretty fun lookin’ competition…

Last Call is a pretty big deal for the guys over on the East Coast, and it marks the last big session of the season for many – and with a rail and pipe competition, plenty of good times and friends, they definitely make the most of it!

On the competitive side of things, here’s who turned heads on the day:

1st – Zack Normandin
2nd – Travis Neuenhaus
3rd – Shaun Murphy

1st – Norah Healey
2nd – Elan Tortiouse
3rd – Katie Kennedy

Jumps – Ryan Hryckiewicz
Rails – Luke Haddock
Transition – Merrick Joyce

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